All good things must come to an end…

It is with some regret that I am announcing the sale of my Mercedes 190E. Right now I require a car that can easily carry bicycles and I wouldn’t dare subject the mint interior of the 190 to such abuse.

This car has been a pleasure to own, proving to be utterly reliable with a silky smooth and enjoyable drive that plenty of today’s cars cannot equal.


It’s a 1991 Mercedes 190E 2.0 petrol with an automatic gearbox.

There’s a genuine 90,450 miles on the clock right now, and the MOT/service history to back this up.

I’ve replaced everything necessary to make this car absolutely reliable as a daily driver, using genuine Mercedes parts and quality fluids throughout.

I’ve had the propshaft couplings replaced in the last 1,000 miles too, once again with genuine (and costly) Mercedes parts.


As a testament to this car’s mechanical condition, only 6 weeks ago it flew through its MOT with just one advisory for a low tyre.

There’s no rust to worry about on the bodywork or underneath. The interior is in fantastic condition thanks to two layers of genuine mats. There is literally no wear or staining to the seats, which if you’ve looked at a few of these you’ll realise is extremely unusual.


The only negatives I can point out are a minor bump to the insert on the front bumper and the front passenger side electric window doesn’t work at the moment (most likely a switch but I haven’t investigated). Its electric aerial is also stuck in an extended position.

So there you have it, an interesting and reliable daily driver that is sure to appreciate. I’ve priced it at £2995, which I won’t be budging on, simply because I know I won’t have to. It deserves to be go to a good home, give me a call on 07021514041 if you’re interested.

I’ll sign off with my favourite pic of this car…

Two-tone, amber indicators and gleaming hubcaps #190e #w201

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